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Upscale® are high quality glass columns designed to meet the requirements for large scale purification of biological molecules using low pressure liquid chromatography techniques. Upscale® columns consist of a borosilicate glass tube from 9 to 90 cm ID protected by an acrylic jacket, a base plate and an adjustable piston. The piston range allows the user to select a variety of bed heights and volumes. The base plate and pistons are uniquely design with a flow distribution system, composed of an anti-jetting device and radial distribution channels equipped with a 20mm frit to provide unparalleled efficiency. The sealing systems at the lower and upper portion of the column have been designed to minimize dead volume which not only improve efficiency but also eliminate the problems of trap micro-organisms, retained contaminating substances and dilute the sample. In addition the sealing surface is order of magnitude larger than traditional o-ring allowing complete sealing of the piston.

Upscale® Highlights

  • Simple Sanitary Design
  • Low Dead Volume
  • Reliable Mechanical Seal
  • Low Maintenance
  • Scalable
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