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SNAP® Laboratory Glass Columns

SNAPĀ® columns have been designed to exceed what is currently available to the scientist for laboratory use. Essential Life understands the value that the scientist places on his or her results, and we have strived to help them achieve those goals. Read More

Column Cart

Mobile Column Cart

Essential Life Solutions has identified a need in laboratories to store columns efficiently when fully packed in a vertical condition. This is critical to the position of the column and the packed resin to remain vertical.

We now proudly offer our COLUMN CART in three sizes to fit in any Lab setting depending on available space. Cart is constructed of chemically resistant aluminum and includes stainless steel casters with locking brakes. Columns can be mounted on both sides of the cart. Brackets can accommodate any columns from 10mm to 50mm diameter (any brand). Read More

Column Packing Services

Chromatography resins and gels are most cost-effectively purchased in bulk and packed by the end user. In this scenario, the end user has to tie up valuable internal science resources to pack the bulk resin in an appropriate column. If purchased pre-packed, the columns are low cost and low quality.

Essential Life Solutions has recognized these issues and now proudly offers our Column Packing Services! Read More

Upscale® Columns

Essential Life Solutions' Upscale® glass columns are designed to meet the requirements for large scale purification of biological molecules using low pressure liquid chromatography techniques. Read More

IsoKrom Columns

These low and medium pressure fixed bed, side packed columns offer "zero dead volume" technology. Sizes are available from 95mm to 2,000mm with no practical limit on bed length. Simple construction uses standard components, providing low backend costs of ownership. Read More

Econoline® Laboratory Glass Columns

Biochromatography is widely applied in high-performance downstream processing techniques that can be used for a range of compounds, such as proteins, peptides or nucleic acids. Read More

Econoline LP® Laboratory Glass Columns

These columns allow for easy packing, reproducibility, reliability, and scalability to increase lab productivity. Economical solution for low and medium pressure from 5mm to 50mm diameter and bed length up to 500mm. Read More

Lab Support & Engineering Services

Essential Life Solutions Ltd provides support services to labs and research facilities employing over 40 years of experience. Further, ELS provides engineering support for design and consulting for tough laboratory challenges. ELS can provide fabrication services in various medias such as stainless. Read More