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Econoline® is the multipurpose glass column for almost all types of liquid chromatography applications. These columns benefit from a unique double plunger system with linear piston motion for outstanding performance for all applications. These Adjustable length plungers at both ends and a totally inert Teflon-triple chevron sealing system support the use of any type of chromatography. The Quick-Lock connection system makes it possible to open and seal the column simply and quickly. The Econoline® columns provide a cost effective product for low (10-30 Bars) and mid pressure (39080 Bars) chromatography with size from 5mm to 50 mm ID. Special O-ring and plunger are designed for solvent resistant applications.

Econoline® Highlights

  • Pressure rating up to 80 Bars (1100psi)
  • Linear motion of piston
  • True frits
  • Robust inlet and outlet connections
  • Fine thread adjustment
  • Double piston adjustment
  • Quick release ends