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Chromatography resins and gels are most cost effectively purchased in bulk and packed by the end user. In this scenario, the end user has to tie up valuable internal science resources to pack the bulk resin in an appropriate column.

If purchased pre-packed, the columns are low cost and low quality.

Essential Life Solutions has recognized these issues and now proudly offers our Column Packing Services!

Under this new program, ELS will pack our column with customer-supplied resin or we can supply resin as required for any application.

Benefits of using ELS Column Packing Services

  • FAST turn around time
  • RECYCLE your existing spent column fleet
  • LEVERAGE your existing bulk resin into repacked columns
  • FOCUS your scientists on science and not on the tedium of column packing
  • BEST customer service available
  • OPTIONS are available in virtually any resin – please contact us for applications